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“Pr Sammy”

Pr Sammy Mwanzia from Kenya
Pr Sammy Mwanzia from Kenya

This is an episode from the Archives…sort of. I recorded this one back in 2018, but the quality of the recording was so poor that it’s taken a long time to rescue it. It’s worth the wait though.

I interview Pr Sammy Mwanzia from Kenya, who was visiting Australia. I have an interesting connection to Pr Sammy – I grew up in a country town in South Australia called Mt Gambier, and a brother from Mt Gambier, Bob Hutton, travelled back to where he was born in Kenya…..and witnessed to Pr Sammy (who wasn’t a Pastor then).

It’s amazing how God’s truth travels around the world !

Coming from a “Christian” background, Pr Sammy had visited many churches, but finally saw the Truth being preached, just as it was in the Bible. He has a great story to tell of how God has changed and blessed both his life and the lives of many other people in Kenya and other parts of Africa.

It doesn’t matter where in the world you are, God can change your life. I’d love for you to reach out via email to or head to our website to find out what the bible says.


Isaiah 40:31

Psalm 119:24

Mark 16:16


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