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Brad is Set Free from Anger & Bitterness
Brad is Set Free from Anger & Bitterness

During his teens, Brad’s happy nuclear family life was shattered when his mother left very suddenly. Amidst the devastating pain of life in a broken family, Brad became an angry young man and sought refuge from the pain through partying, alcohol and drugs.

Later, Brad met a young lady, Jemma, and eventually attended a church meeting with her. He was drawn to the genuine love that the people there had for each other.

After observing for a few months, Brad got baptized and then received the Holy Spirit, at which time his life was brought out of the darkness. He began to see the beauty in the world again.

As Brad grew spiritually closer to God, the anger and bitterness toward his mum completely left him and he now enjoys a healthy relationship with her and her new husband.

Listen to Brad’s amazing story about his transformation from an angry & bitter man to living a purpose-filled life.

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