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“Pr Alan Butler”

Pr Alan's Friends Destroy $30,000 Marijuana Crop after Coming to Know God
Pr Alan’s Friends Destroy $30,000 Marijuana Crop after Coming to Know God

My guest today is Pastor Alan Butler who shares his story of how his attitude to life and his personality has been completely changed by God. Alan was first convicted about the power of God to change people when he discovered his friends had destroyed a $30,000 crop of marijuana after they had “come to the Lord” by being filled with the Holy Spirit.

Shortly after, Alan had his own in-filling of the Holy Spirit and knew instantly the Bible was real as lost his taste for drinking, smoking and indulging in illegal activities. In the early days of his journey with God, Alan witnessed two amazing healings involving his wife Mal. Mall was healed of debilitating chronic migraines through prayer and only a few months later was also healed of her severe arthritic shoulder.

This episode of Revival On The Air Today was recorded at our International Convention in Adelaide in June 2019 (that’s the noise you will notice in the background of the interview).

Enjoy this wonderful testimony of God’s miraculous power to heal and transform lives.
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